YBS customer service area with timber finish
Yellow, green and blue frosted glazing manifestation

The challenge

YBS Group asked us to develop a new design for its national network of building society branches. The group was undergoing a comprehensive rebrand at the time, and the new branch design had to reflect its values of transparency, honesty and trustworthiness. The design also needed to show YBS’s commitment to improving all interactions with customers in its branches.

Light box graphic with grey sofa and wood floor
Customer service area with timber finish

what we did

We started with a strategic review of the existing branch design and methodology. We also researched industry good practice and innovation, and commissioned a study into current customer satisfaction levels in relation to the branches’ physical environments.

Next, we developed a scalable conceptual branch design that reflected the organisation’s brand values. It also used interior design elements to reinforce brand messaging at every customer touchpoint.

We ensured this base design scheme could be adapted for each of the group’s brands to maintain consistency of quality and approach across the national network.

Our concept was tested in a new flagship branch in Harrogate. We measured its successes through customer engagement, and then refined the concept design ready for a national roll out. We also produced a comprehensive set of design guidelines to ensure consistency during the roll out.

Waiting area with green soft furnishings, blue chair, grey sofa and timber wall

the result

This new branch design has been a resounding success with both staff and customers. The design successfully communicates YBS’s brand ethos through intelligent use of colour and materials. We used natural finishes, for example, to convey a sense of honesty, warmth and comfort, while maintaining a professional and functional branch design.