CGI visualisation office interior with staircase and breakout booth
CGI visualisation Meeting room

The challenge

The interior design team required a highly accurate set of 3D visuals in order to get client approval for all aspects of the design, from furniture to finishes.

CGI visualisation Breakout area with TV, Kitchen and tables
CGI visualisation Canteen with booths and sofas

what we did

We created a set of visuals which incorporated people, creating a 'lived in' for the spaces. These were created to a very high level of realism and particular attention was paid to the material finishes and feel of the space. People were introduced into the visuals to bring a sense of scale and life to the imagery.

CGI visualisation Cafe servery area with blackboard, TV and vending machine

the result

Approval was given and the design was able to be progressed to the next stage. The visuals helped to cement the design language and portray the vision of the Strive Interior design team to the client. Our visuals were also featured on the hoardings at the site.