CGI Visualisation Lounge with natural window light
CGI Visualisation Lounge with table, sofa and mirror

The challenge

To create a set of high-quality photo realistic images to present the concept of the interior design. The purpose of the visuals was to help the client to sell the properties before they had been completed.

CGI Visualisation Bedroom with pink bed sheets
CGI Visualisation Dining room with natural light

what we did

We visualised both living rooms, the family room, kitchen, two bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom. Particular effort was put into the tactility of the look and feel of the images, focusing on material finishes and the realism of the furniture. We also spent time recreating the ambient lighting of the middle east to help with the relatability of the imagery.

CGI Visualisation Bedroom with natural light

the result

The end result was a set of high-quality images that really helped sell the modern contemporary design of the villas. We created a set of images that were very inviting through the interior lighting style and really helped to portray a sense of welcoming in the spaces.