The challenge

Consolidation of public value, creating an integrated service delivery and visibility of SLT. With a need to achieve significant cost savings and improve service delivery, City of York Council made the decision to consolidate 15 buildings into one new shared service centre.

Purple, green and white office furniture

what we did

Strive worked alongside CoYC for two years to develop a brief and engage with teams across all five directorates as well as external bodies working closely with The Council. Having agreed to consolidate the estate and work with York Investor LLP to create a new single site, Strive were appointed to help CoYC determine how they would occupy the space on a 10:7 ratio and introduce a significant step change in attitudes to the workplace and agile working practices.

Workshops and process clinics were held across the organisation, supported by questionnaires and audits to determine the scale of change required. Following six months of direct engagement Strive were able to support CoYC with the planning and adjacency mapping for the new location at West Offices, working closely with teams on operational challenges and process re-engineering to create a solution which accommodated all staff and several external agencies such as Public Health England, Citizens Advice and other safe guarding teams.

Working alongside the Council’s project team and SLT, Strive were able to build advocacy and buy-in for change at a significant level to ensure the new open plan 4 storey environment supported collaboration and cross agency working to best support the community, residents and vulnerable groups.

Green meeting pod with graphic glazing manifestation

the result

  • Consolidation of 15 buildings into 1

  • New one stop customer centre

  • Integration of several supporting agencies

  • 1500 staff based in one building on 1050 desks

  • Reduction of hard copy filing by 70%

  • SLT and all Senior Directors in the open plan with their teams

  • One alternative settings or place to work for every five members of staff

  • Mixture of bookable and non-bookable meeting spaces across the floor plates