CGI visualisation Lounge with HD TV on wall, sofa, table and timber finish
CGI Vsualisation Bedroom with fur quilt, rug, shoes, drawers, lamp, chair and TV

The challenge

This iconic Grade II listed building is on the banks of the River Ouse in the centre of York. Previously, it was used as a nightclub, but having been derelict for several years it was flood damaged and in a severe state of disrepair.

The visualisation team were tasked with increasing the awareness and exposure of this new development and help to sell the scheme through marketing visualisations.

CGI visualisation Bathroom with candles
CGI visualisation Lounge with sofa, cushions and wine glasses

what we did

We created a set of high-end marketing visuals for use as collateral in a wider marketing campaigns. These were visualised to a high level of realism and particular attention was paid to the material finishes and feel of the space. Lighting techniques here were key and the warm and welcoming ambience was of utmost importance in making the spaces feel homely.

CGI visualisation Apartment with lounge and kitchen area, sofa, wood floor, candles, wine, breakfast bar

the result

The visuals were used by the client as part of the very successful marketing campaign to let the spaces with the development winning several accolades and awards including BCO Best Refurbished/Recycled Workplace. It also attracted fresh business to the city centre, and is home to York’s first £1m penthouse.